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Together with worldwide couriers, Surrogacy Ukraine offers personalized logistics services for the legal international transfer of internationally frozen gametes (sperm & oocytes), embryos and / or stem cells from laboratories worldwide to an IVF clinic in Ukraine, for their individual patients.

The Starting Point

How Does It Apply to Individuals?

Worldwide couriers take pride in providing a highly professional, fully compliant, and discrete personal service. Client confidentiality is guaranteed in perpetuity. We can offer door-to-door personalized logistics services for IVF patients worldwide, utilizing the most recent approved cryogenic devices and packaging owned by worldwide couriers. Their quality management system ensures that all embryos, gametes, or stem cells are handled in a safe, secure, compliant, and careful manner, with no potentially harmful X-ray screening.

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The Process at A Glance

All assignments are handled individually and confidentially, with the utmost care and meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the process: initial contact with clients; discussing unique requirements; tailoring a solution to meet individual needs; advising on and checking correct documentation for origin and destination; assisting with regulatory approvals as needed; planning and providing specialized logistics; coordinating collection and delivery with IVF clinics and laboratories; confirming collection and delivery details.

Final Remarks

It’s important to always remember that, although this can be a stressful time, there are medical professionals who work to improve your chances of becoming a parent in situations where there is a high likelihood of success. Be sure to ask questions and never get caught in any stressful situation. We can coordinate a professional, expedient and empathetic logistical service. We hope to be the provider of choice for individuals.

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Surrogacy Ukraine, an international egg donation and surrogacy agency, offers fertility treatments using assisted reproduction technologies in Kyiv, Ukraine.

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