Affordable Ukraine Surrogacy Cost

Should You Be Considering Surrogacy?

Should you be considering gestational surrogacy in Ukraine, it is likely you have a lot of various questions. Surrogacy is a wonderful, loving way to start your own family. However, the cost of gestational surrogacy is often a barrier to many of you who are interested in the process. Ukraine surrogacy cost is more affordable than in most countries worldwide, and many intended parents are drawn to Ukrainian surrogacy for this reason.

The Surrogate’s Compensation

Cost Of Travel

Surrogacy Process in Ukraine

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What Is Within Ukraine Surrogacy Cost?

The most important factor to consider is the surrogate’s compensation. The Ukrainian gestational surrogate is paid a reasonable fee that is calculated based on various factors, such as: the number of children born; the method of delivery; and the gestational age of the child. Other than the fee for the surrogate’s pregnancy and labor, the surrogacy process in Ukraine is required to be covered by a notarized surrogacy contract. This means that the local insurance can not cover the cost of the procedure. While the pregnancy and birth happen in Ukraine, the surrogate will be paid for her travel to and from the clinic as well as for a reasonable amount of out-of-pocket expenses.

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