What Are Surrogacy Contracts?

What To Consider Before Signing One

Surrogacy is an increasingly popular way for a couple to have a child. The surrogacy process can be long and complicated, and there are many factors to consider. In this post, we’ll explore surrogacy contracts – documents that outline the agreement between the intended parents, their surrogate, and the medical team about the legal terms and conditions of the surrogacy. A surrogacy contract is a legally binding contract, so it’s important to understand what’s in it and how it will affect you. Usually, the contract includes the cost, how the intended parents will compensate their surrogate, what their surrogate is expected to do, and what will happen if the surrogacy becomes successful.

What Is a Surrogacy Contract?

Types Of Surrogacy Contracts

Who Is Covered by The Contract?

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Who Can Enter into A Surrogacy Contract?

Surrogacy contracts are typically intended for intended parents who are unable to give birth on their own. Such people may not be able to have a child. They are also officially married couples who have had prior unsuccessful fertility treatments. Surrogacy contracts are also intended for intended parents who do want to have a child but are unable to have one through traditional means. If a surrogate doesn’t have any known health issues, such as infertility or a severe pre-existing medical condition, she can enter into a surrogacy contract.

Final Remarks

Surrogacy can have a life-changing impact on a couple or family in need. By fully understanding the surrogacy process and the components of the surrogacy contract, you can make the most informed decisions possible and ensure your surrogacy arrangement is beneficial to both you, as the intended parents, and your surrogate. It’s important to read the surrogacy contract carefully before signing it because you should be aware of the risks involved.

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