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Genetically Healthy Child At Surrogacy Ukraine

The patient’s way towards fertility treatments becomes more patient-centered, comfortable, and holistic.

Thus, the main goal of Surrogacy Ukraine gestational surrogacy programs is to deliver at least one genetically healthy child at a time, whose adulthood will not be affected by his or her parents’ fertility issues or genetic risks. Please don’t hesitate to ask for an appointment at Surrogacy Ukraine!

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Safest And Most Efficient Treatment Possible

We can not predict whether a particular fertility treatment is appropriate or suitable for a particular infertile patient. However, our medical team makes prudent judgments to advise and treat infertile patients safely and effectively.

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No Waiting Time Prior To Fertility Treatments

Infertile women spending a lot of time on the waiting lists are often ready to accept anything on offer. To ensure the highest quality standards, our infertile female patients either bypass local waiting lists at all or totally reduce queue waiting times.


Intensive Genetic Screening Of Egg Donor

We are responsible for reliable screening of egg donors, high quality oocytes and on-time delivery. Applicants undergo intensive genetic screening as well as psychological screening and testing for HIV, hepatitis, and other infectious diseases.

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Embryo Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Couples are advised to undergo genetic testing if necessary. Mostly, it is done by the Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology. In embryology, NGS effectively compares the genomic pattern of a test cell with a reference one.

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